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    Customizable, free, and paperless. With advantages like these, it’s small wonder that an increasing number of businesses are choosing to outsource online. With more than 26,700 jobs posted on Witmart & ZBJ every month (that’s about 900 postings per day), developing a well-crafted job posting to make it stand out and attract the right freelancer's attention is a must.

    Here are some good practices that seasoned Employers at Witmart have adopted in creating an effective and distinguished job posting.
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    Mar EDT
    With 3G and wireless on-the-go, it’s hard to believe that the internet as we know it now was only introduced a little over 20 years ago. However, everything comes at a cost. For the benefit of accessibility of information, we pay the price of TMI--too much information.

    Business owners know this problem only too intimately. For simple needs such as getting a logo designed for their business, the costs associated with searching for the right logo designer includes not only monetary costs, but also time and effort spent. Meanwhile, talented people are just stumbling through the same millions of webpages, hoping to find just the right job for themselves. A solution for this problem is long overdue.
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