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by John.Lin in In the News Aug 11, 2013 EDT

ZBJ Network, INC., Online marketplace, now offering $20 off any new logo design job, is giving small business owners more reason to feel comfortable using their logo design service by offering three iron clad guarantees surrounding their service a firm 100% money back guarantee, expectations met or exceeded, and the promise of a unique design. offers professional and affordable logo design contest for active employers to participate in to receive creative design results. Witmart’s one-stop shop of solutions for small businesses include an impressive staff of over 7 million freelancers aiming to meet expectations each and every time. Witmart has created a set of guarantees for each logo design job to protect the employer and provide a risk-free environment to post a logo design job.


Witmart has provided three assurances to the public for any individual or small business posting a logo design job in their marketplace. A 100% money back guarantee is given if the logo design(s) returned is not deemed satisfactory. In addition, the same money back guarantee applies if the employer does not receive the minimum number of logo designers from a Witmart-Assurance contest, as per the official rules.


Secondly, each employer is eligible for one-on-one assistance from an Account Manager on Witmart’s staff to ensure success and be certain the job posting and end result has met their needs. Witmart’s goal is for each individual to have a successful experience and feel 100% satisfied with their transaction.


Lastly, Witmart assures each logo design created for an employer will be unique and exclusive by manually reviewing the results through quality control assessments. Duplicates will not be allowed, and Witmart will make every attempt to ensure the design received is original in nature. 
“We take our logo design guarantees very seriously and personally cater to any situation that is less than perfect. However, with over 7 million active Witmart freelancers on staff, the creativity and sheer volume of designs helps employers receive multiple exciting logos that are well-crafted”, says Richard Lei, Witmart CEO. “We personally stand behind our guarantees every day and will continue to monitor logo design contest results for quality assurance purposes.”


The value in Witmart’s logo design packages are not to be overshadowed by these three strong guarantees. Striving to provide more value than any of their competitors, logo design contests start at just $199, an extremely reasonable price compared to others in the logo design industry. Witmart’s logo design contest packages are one of many online marketplace services offered as a solution to all the needs of small businesses.


More information about logo design service with Witmart can be found at:

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